Terror Abroad

Witnesses in Sanaa said at least 20 bodies after the attack that left 75 wounded ; the action has not been claimed

Two suicide bombings – the first against the powerful Shiite Muslim Houthi movement and reached the second military camp south – left about 70 dead on Thursday ( 9 ) in Yemen, hours after a political crisis have forced the prime minister to resign his carhartt hats.


May: Attack of the presidential palace in Yemen kills five soldiers


People gather at the site where suicide attack occurred while Yemeni security officials collect debris in Sanaa , Yemen


Blatant: Terrorist attack kills seven in Yemen

The bombings underscored the highly volatile situation in Yemen after the nation’s capital which lies to the south of the Arabian Peninsula , Sanaa , have been busy in the past month Shiite Houthi rebels .

The bomber detonated his explosives-laden belt in Sanaa as he approached the security checkpoint manned by Shi’ite rebels known as Houthis killing 47 and wounding 75 Hours later , a car bomb left victims at a security checkpoint on the outskirts of Arabian Sea port city of Mukalla , killing 20 soldiers and wounding 15 .

A Reuters witness in the capital said at least 20 bodies immediately after the attack, which targeted a checkpoint operated by the Houthis , the main power base of the country since the paramilitary forces of this movement took the capital in 21 September, after weeks of protests against the government .

A policeman who was the security of a bank near Tahrir square in central Sanaa , said the man wearing what appeared to be a belt filled with explosive approached a checkpoint of the Houthi movement. In this region one linked to Al – Qaeda group has attacked military installations and government buildings in recent months .

The attacks occurred a few hours after a political struggle between the Houthis and President Abd – Rabbu Mansour provoked the resignation of Prime Minister Ahmed bin Awad Mubarak , whose appointment on Tuesday had angered the Houthis leaders.  They took to the street and burned a ski hat as a sign of protest.

In another attack in Burooom , a coastal region in the eastern province of Hadramout , one hommem launched a car bomb against a military camp , while gunmen tried to storm the facility , said a local official and a witness . The soldiers responded , but Saba said 20 soldiers were killed . No one has claimed responsibility for the attacks yet .